Our formers language assistants give their point of wiev about how is working in Santa Teresa.

Markus Antonio,MAK. Philippines- 2023-24


Alexis Pettay. USA Oct 2021 – May 2023 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Santa Teresa as an English Language Assistant for the past two years. Collaborating with the professors here and helping the students improve their English has been wonderful. Santa Teresa offers a fun and dynamic work environment – each day is different. The students are eager to learn and it’s been rewarding to see them learn and grow during my time here. Jaén is also a unique, beautiful small city in Spain. I am grateful I was placed here and for all the people I’ve met along the way.

Priyanka JhA. India. Year 2020-2021.

I had the pleasure of working as a language assistant at IES Santa Teresa in Jaén and it was a truly wonderful experience. The city itself was beautiful, with plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy the outdoors. The weather was generally great, making it easy to spend time hiking, playing paddle, language assistant meet-ups or simply strolling around the city.

In my spare time, I also found that there were plenty of activities to keep me busy. There were dance studios in the city that offered a variety of dance styles, and I was able to join a gym to stay active and fit. Overall, I felt that Jaèn was a great place to live and work, with plenty of opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic limited my ability to participate fully in all aspects of my work. However, the school did everything possible to ensure that I could continue to provide language support to students remotely. They were very understanding and accommodating during this challenging time, which I am very grateful for.

Overall, I would highly recommend IES Santa Teresa, Jaén to anyone looking for a supportive and welcoming workplace in a beautiful and active city. The pandemic may have presented some challenges, but the school’s commitment to providing a positive work environment and quality education never wavered. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a great team.

Mr. Connor Lang. USA. Year 2019-2020

«I was an auxiliar de conversación in Santa Teresa during the 2019-2020 school year. My time at Santa Teresa and in Jaén was one of the best experiences of my life. I was immediately welcomed by both students and staff on my first day. Walking through the halls of the school is the closest I’ll ever be to feeling like a celebrity. Years later I still maintain contact with some of the teachers and I hope to return to see the school in the near future. I was very impressed with how bright and engaged the students were and I connected with them on a deep level.

Jaén itself was beautiful and I think it was a perfect place for a guiri like me to live. I learned more about olive oil than I thought was possible, and now back in the United States I exclusively buy olive oil from Spain (and from Jaén when I can find it). I had such a culturally immersive experience, from trying migas at 4 Esquinas to running the San Antón to dancing in the tents at Féria, my time in Jaén could not have been better.

Although I didn’t arrive to Jaén crying, I sure did leave the city crying. Thanks, Santa Teresa!»